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Shaving the ice with an ice resurfacer is a practice that is done on a regular basis to keep the ice surface smooth and level. Each time the ice is shaved, the large metal blade that is used is subjected to a certain amount of wear. Once the blade gets dull, it must be replaced. 

Up until now this procedure was accomplished using rather unsophisticated and sometimes dangerous methods involving wire hooks and pieces of lumber. There have been tragic consequences for workers being severely injured by handling the heavy razor sharp blades. These have resulted in many hours of lost time and workers compensation claims.

The revolutionary SIMNOR BLADE CHANGING SYSTEM eliminates these types of injuries. Using "The Razer" one operator can change a blade SAFELY without ever removing it from its protective transportation sheath until it is mounted to the conditioner blade receiver.

  • No more fumbling trying to attach the magnetic edge guard;
  • No more awkward wire hooks or unstable pieces of lumber;
  • No more trying to reach under the conditioner with one hand holding the bolt and the other reaching over the top trying put on the lock washer and nut

"The Razer" is specifically designed so that it will align and hold the blade securely in place under the conditioner while the operator easily installs all of the mounting bolts from the top. Because of our patented new design you never have to reach under the conditioner. You don't need to  use and Allen Wrench any more. That annoying bolt spin is completely eliminated. Now you can use impact tools to remove and install all the bolts.

At every step of the way the blade is completely controlled and the operator is NEVER exposed to the cutting edge. You can now "Change a blade without handling a blade."

The Simnor Blade Changing System reduces blade change injuries and also reduces blade change time, thereby increasing productivity.

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