Why buy "The RAZER"?

"The RAZER" is the only tool on the market anywhere that is specifically designed to change ice resurfacer blades. It works on all three major ice resurfacers (Zamboni, Olympia, IceCat) and on any size blade from 77" to 96". "The RAZER" gives the ice technician complete control of the blade throughout the entire blade change process. "The RAZER" installs the blade directly from the transport/storage sheath. "The RAZER" deposits the used (dull) blade directly into the transport sheath. "The RAZER" totally eliminates bolt spin and allows the mounting bolts to be installed from the top of the conditioner rather than from underneath. No special tools are required, but our new design allows for the use of power impact tools to install and remove mounting bolts. Our blade change "System" can be "Standardized" throughout all your facilities so that everyone performing a blade change is doing it in a safe efficient manner.

Will "The RAZER" prevent all blade change related injuries?
"The RAZER" was designed to greatly reduce blade change related injuries. The hazards normally associated with a typical blade change have been eliminated. If you follow our blade change procedure exactly you should not experience any problems, however, there are circumstances that we have no control over that could result in an injury. You must at All TIMES use good judgment.

Is "The RAZER" difficult to use?
Most people catch on and can perform a blade change unaided after one or two tries. The most difficult technique to master is getting the guide pins to go up through the receiver holes.   However, this too is easily mastered after a couple of tries and learning what to "listen" for. Soon you will be positioning blades in place without even looking.

Must I always perform a blade change in exactly the same spot on the ice resurfacer room floor?
If the floor is relatively level throughout, then, minor variances should have little effect on the performance of "The RAZER". If there are large grooves, cracks or compound slopes then you may have to adjust the alignment rod depth to compensate for these variances.

Will "The RAZER" save time while performing a blade change?
Once you have the basic procedure memorized then you should see approximately a 30% reduction in blade change time. However the purpose of "The RAZER'S" design is to reduce blade injuries. The reduction in blade change time is a bonus.

Will "The RAZER" reduce the occurrence of Musculoskeletal Disorders or MSD's?
"The RAZER" with its patented technology is the only product that will not only reduce MSD's but will also reduce the likelyhood of cuts associated with handling the razor sharp ice resurfacer blades. Under the Occupational Health & Safety Act it is the duty of the employer to take every measure reasonable to prevent such injuries from occuring.

Should we have a "Bolt Maintenance Program" in place to ensure full operational potential with "The RAZER"?
A "Bolt Maintenance Program" (refer to ORFA's best practices for changing ice resurfacer blades) is not as critical with our new system as it was with our old system or the standard blade change procedure. The reason is that we have incorporated a new style of blade that has threaded mounting holes. This new feature totally eliminates bolt spin and the use of mounting nuts. It also allows the mounting bolts to be inserted from the top of the conditioner rather than from underneath. This makes for a much more user friendly installation process. Since the bolts thread directly into the blade, a slightly rusty bolt or damaged thread is no longer an issue, but care should still be exercised so that bolts are in reasonable good condition. Our new "System" allows "The RAZER" to perform at peak, and creates a safer work environment while changing a blade.

We normally can perform a blade change in less than 20 minutes. How much benefit will I realize by purchasing "The RAZER"?
"The RAZER" was developed to reduce blade injuries. Our experience has been that most blade changes take longer than 20 minutes. 'Rushing' through a blade change only increases the odds of suffering an injury. Use of "The RAZER" will give you complete control of the blade thoughout the blade change procedure and greatly reduce the possibility of injury.

Our municipality operates over a dozen arenas. How can we justify paying for that many "RAZER" units at one time? Only two arena operate year round.
Unfortunately we never know when or where an unintentional mishap (or accident) is going to happen. By purchasing "The RAZER" for all of your facilities you can rest assured that you have taken advantage of the latest patented technology available to protect your ice technicians from blade change injuries. As for the cost, even one conviction agaist failing to provide adequate protection against injury can greatly outweigh the cost of purchasing "RAZER" units for all your facilities. Click here to see examples.

Can I move "The RAZER" between facilities to do blade changes?
"The RAZER" was designed to be used in a specific location rather than as a portable. When not in use The Razer should be secured in the storage rack and the storage rack should be fastened to the wall or floor to keep it from falling over.

How much does "The RAZER" weigh?
"The RAZER" weighs approximately 100 lbs or 45 kg.  The storage rack weighs approximately 20 lbs or 8 kg.

Will "The RAZER" support the weight of the conditioner?
"The RAZER" will support the weight of the conditioner in the event of a hydraulic failure but it is not designed to carry, lift or move the conditioner under any circumstances. "The RAZER" was designed for the sole purpose of removing and installing ice resurfacer blades.


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