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1. Occupational Health & Safety   

2. Only Safety Device Available  On The Market

3. Easy Step by Step Operation

4. Prevents back, neck and shoulders injuries

5. A One Man Operation

6. Time Saving Device

7. Standardized System For Changing Blades

8. One Machine Services Both Olympia and Zamboni Ice Resurfacers

9. Preventing Human Tragedy

10. Examples of Costs

11. Razer Benefits 


1. Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act employers and employees are required to take every reasonable precaution to safeguard against workplace injuries. Click here to see to see OH&S Reg. 25-2-h for Ontario Canada. Similar regulations exist for all provinces and states.

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2. “The Razer” is the only safety device on the market for changing ice resurfacer blades. Until now there hasn’t been a complete system that protected the ice technician at every stage of removal and installation process. Unlike the magnetic edge guard, “The Razer” uses the entire transport sheath to protect the Ice Technician. The dull blade is deposited directly into the transport sheath right under the conditioner. Likewise the sharp blade and sheath are placed onto “The Razer” and lifted into place. Handling of the bare blade is kept to a minimum.

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3. “The Razer” with its patented technology comes with a set of written instructions and video that guides the technician step by step through the installation and removal process. The Razer was designed by arena personnel for ease of use and maintenance. After use The Razer folds away into a compact storage rack.  

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4. Until now, changing an Ice Resurfacer Blade was accomplished using rather unsophisticated and sometimes dangerous methods involving wire hooks and pieces of lumber. Incidents of worker injury have been reported due to the handling of heavy, razor-sharp blades, and the consequences have resulted in hours of lost time injuries and workers compensation claims.

Ask yourself, “Where does an ice resurfacer blade have to be, in order not to cause any harm when being handled?”

The answer is …”In its transport sheath.”

Therefore it stands to reason that, as soon as you remove the blade from the sheath, it becomes a potential hazard to any one handling it.

By using "The Razer", all Ice Technicians can safely change a blade without ever removing it from its protective transportation sheath until it is mounted to the conditioner blade receiver.  “The Simnor Blade Change System” will eliminate most blade changing injuries that result in lost time and WSIB claims

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5. "The Razer" is a one person operation.  It is specifically designed to hold a blade  securely in place under the conditioner while the operator easily installs or removes the mounting bolts from the top. Bolt spin has been completly eliminated allowing the use of power impact tools to install and remove mounting bolts. There is no need for Allen Wrenches or and other special tools.  

At every step of the way the blade is controlled and the operator is never exposed to the blade edge. Ice technicians can now change a blade without having to handle it.  

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6.  While the main purpose of the Razer is to prevent injuries it will also reduce blade change time, thereby increasing productivity. Blade change times vary from one facility to another, so individual results may vary as well but on average you can expect about a 30% reduction in blade change time.

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7.  By using The Razer all arena's can now standardize their blade change operation.  By following the step by step instructions all ice technicians can now use the same method of changing blades and eliminate confusion when technicians relocate to different arenas.

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8. “The Razer” is designed to service Zamboni, Olympia and IceCat ice resurfacers and can handle any length of blade from 77” to 96”.If you have concerns about flexibility over future ice resurfacer purchases, “The Razer” is easily converted over to another make of ice resurfacer in about five minutes by means of a simple conversion kit.

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9. Let’s consider the human tragedy of suffering a workplace injury. There are the immediate consequences of dealing with a trip to the local emergency room and possibly suffering permanent nerve damage, infection, or even loss of a finger .As a consequence you may be put on modified duties at work and not be able to enjoy personal hobbies and activities due to physical limitations.

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10. Failing to provide proper safeguards against injury could cost more than the price of implementing these safeguards. Click here to see some examples of costs. Add to this the cost of replacement labour, modified duties, legal fees or even civil litigation and you can easily see how injury prevention makes sense.

Why not protect yourself and your employees from injuries and “Invest in Safety” with the “Simnor Blade Changing System” and “The Razer”.

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11. The following is a summary of benefits of using “The Razer”:

  • No more hazardous installation of the magnetic blade guard.
  • No more awkward hooks or unstable blocks of wood.
  • No more trying to reach under the conditioner with one hand holding the bolt and the other reaching over the top trying to put on the lock washer and nut.
  • Total protected control of the blade throughout the blade change procedure.
  • A one-person system while performing a blade change, as you are not exposed to the sharp edge of the blade.
  • User friendly and ergonomic for all, meaning no heavy lifting of the blade in awkward positions.
  • A one-system approach meaning each blade change is performed identically creating a safe, structured system.
  • A standardized method of performing a task that can be incorporated across the industry, thereby eliminating confusion when employees relocate from one facility to another.
  • Capable of servicing Zamboni, Olympia and IceCat ice resurfacers
  • Handles all blades from 77” to 96”.

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