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So Simple That You Can Almost Do it Blindfolded


That's a big claim to make but it's true. The engineering behind "The RAZER's" patented operation actually allows you to install a new blade into position by ear rather than by sight.

How is this possible?

First you install two "Guide Pins" into the blade you are installing and roll "The RAZER" and blade under the conditioner. Since the settings have already been precalculated,  you will actually "hear" the pins "pop" into their respective holes when you lift the blade up. You only need to look, to "verify" that the pins are in position. Then you apply some more hydraulic pressure to raise the blade firmly up against the blade receiver. Now it's just a matter of installing the mounting bolts. Our new "system" now allows you to install the mounting bolts from the top rather than from underneath the conditioner. Since we also eliminated bolt spin you can use power  impact tools to remove and install the mounting bolts.

Once you have performed this operation a number of times you will "learn" what to listen for and will instantly know whether the two pins went in successfully. If you should "miss" the holes, it only takes a couple of seconds to realign and repeat... It's that simple!

Blade Removal: hpim2494a.jpg

Used blade removal is even easier. "The RAZER's patented design "locks and holds" the used blade up against the blade receiver while you remove all the mounting bolts. Then by slowly releasing the hydraulic preasure on the pump you gently lower the blade. Now simply pull "The RAZER" out from under the conditioner and there you have the old blade already on its sheath. 

Click here to see a video demonstration of "The RAZER" in use.

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