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Simnor Enterprises Inc. is an innovative company located in the heart of Norfolk County , Ontario, Canada. Located on the north shore of Lake Erie and boasting six arenas and a thriving hockey interest, Norfolk County has given rise to such notable hockey stars as Red Kelly, Chico Maki, Rob Blake, Dwyane Roloson, Nelson Emerson, Rick Walmsley, Jassen Cullimore and Ryan Vandenbussche.

Besides being the birth place of eight hockey legends, Norfolk County is also the birthplace of the most innovative piece of arena related equipment since artificial ice and the ice resurfacer. 

Simnor Enterprises Inc. was incorporated in 2006 by Norfolk county resident Stan Pogorzelski who is the founder and President. Stan has a broad knowledge of mechanical and architectural design and construction as well as experience in arena and ice resurfacer operations.

After a blade change injury in 2003 at a local arena, an in depth analysis of the current blade change procedure uncovered that there was a need to greatly improve on the method being used to change blades. The current method presented too many opportunities for injury because the blade in most cases was being handled unprotected. The magnetic edge guard was inconvenient to use and in many cases not used at all. It was also discovered that virtually every arena in North America used a similar and rather unsafe method to service their ice resurfacer blades. 

Stan used his extensive mechanical ability and experience to design and build what would eventually be known as "The RAZER", the world's first mechanical blade changer for ice resurfacers. This is a revolutionary device that totally mechanizes the blade changing operation and reduces the risk of injury by utilizing the wooden transportation sheath as the safety guard.  To go an extra step we decided to simplify the blade change procedure by eliminating that annoying bolt spin and installing the mounting bolts from the top. This now allows the use of power impact tools to remove and install the blade mounting bolts. This reduces blade change time while decreasing the risk of injury.

"The RAZER" is the only device on the market that can reduce the likelihood of blade change related cuts as well as musculoskeletal disorders.



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